"We love our sail goods bags!"

Sail Goods

Sail Goods are tote bags made from recycled sails.

Twenty years ago, my husband and I bought a sailboat that came with 23 bags of sails; that summer we needed some extra tote bags and rather than buying new material, I cut up an old, worn-out sail. Sail Goods was born.

Today we make 3 sizes of tote bags.

Sail Goods - Market Tote BagThe Market Bag
Sized at 14" long x 8" wide x 14" high, this bag is ideal for grocery shopping. Its square shape stands up for easy loading and unloading. Price: $50

Sail Goods - Tote BagThe Tote Bag
Sized larger at 18" long x 7" wide x 16" high, the tote bag has been used for everything from storing kid's toys and books in the back of a car, to carrying extra clothing for sailing trips, to transporting a couple of live chickens. It comes in both an open-top and zip-top version. Price: $75 for Open-top and $90 for Zip-top.

Sail Goods - Gear Tote BagThe Gear Bag
Our largest bag at 22" long x 13' wide x 15" high, the gear bag has been known to carry an entire weekend’s worth of ski gear or all of your kid's toys to the beach. It comes with a double handle so it can be hauled by hand or over a shoulder. Price: $75 

Detailed images of each bag can be viewed here

Sail Goods - Zip Top Tote BagAll the bags are unique and all have some design features from the original sail. They are practical and durable, designed to be dragged through the mud or hauled to the top of a mountain, and are a second use for sails that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The bags can be embroidered for special family or promotional events. Shown here is our Zip-top Tote Bag.

If you have an old sail that you no longer use, send me that sail and you will get a free bag in return!